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1st edition   : 1944
21st edition : 2007
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Russian edition published by Mir Knigi Publishers in 2009
About The Author
Reşat Nuri Güntekin is the author of 19 novels and 7 collections of short stories. One of his most famous novels entitled "Goldcrest" (original title: "Çalıkuşu") is about the dynamism and hardship a young girl experiences in a rural town, (both as an educated person and as a woman), and about the role she plays in the development of the mutual understanding of the two classes, namely the uneducated rural and the educated urban. His novels are often based on strong female characters and his works are typical examples of the Turkish enlightenment of the revolutionary and post revolutionary era.
Other Books:

Son Sığınak 1961 (The Last Sanctuary)
Kan Davası 1955 (Blood Fued)
Harabelerin Çiçeği 1953 (The Flower of the Ruins)
Kavak Yelleri 1950 (Daydreams)
Miskinler Tekkesi 1946 (The Den of Idlers)
Ateş Gecesi 1942 (The Night of Fire)
Eski Hastalık 1938 ( An Old Sickness)
Eski Hastalık 1938 (The Old Malady)
Gökyüzü 1935 (The Sky)
Kızılcık Dalları 1932 (Cornelian Branches)
Kızılcık Dalları 1932 ( Cherry Tree Branches)
Yaprak Dökümü 1930 ( The Fallen Leaves)
Acımak 1928 (Compassion)
Yeşil Gece 1928 ( The Green Night)
Akşam Güneşi 1927 ( The Evening Sun)
Bir Kadın Düşmanı 1927 ( An Enemy of Woman)
Dudaktan Kalbe 1925 ( From the Lips to the Heart)
Gizli El 1922 (The Secret Hand)
Çalıkuşu 1922 ( Goldcrest)
Acımak  ( Pity)


Reşat Nuri Güntekin


The Mill
Original Title : Değirmen



This ‘black humor’ story takes place in 1914 in a small town called Sarpnar. During a night of entertainment, with lots of alcohol and belly dancing in the house of Omer Bey, one of the guests suddenly stands up in panic and screams “We are shaking, there is an earthquake!” Chaos rules the drunken crowd while people push each other to get out of the house and several people get slightly injured. Rumor spreads all the way to Istanbul to the palace of the Sultan that there has been a devastating earthquake in the town of Sarpnar while in reality there was none. However things become irreversible and the Sultan decides to visit the ‘earthquake region’ for support, first time the Sultan ever leaves his palace and its surroundings; the town people decide to go along with the earthquake scenario and start working to create an image of a town devastated by an earthquake.


Selected reviews


The Mill is one of Reşat Nuri Güntekin’s short novels that brings readers face to face with painful truths regarding society.  The novel takes an ironic look at an earthquake that was said to have taken place in Sarıpınar, the wounds it causes and the truth of how these wounds were healed!  It highlights those who exploited and contrived intrigues.  It was turned into a play entitled Sarıpınar 1904 by Turgurt Özakman and then a film directed by Atıf Yılmaz entitled ‘The Mill’.  In this way its shock value was increased. Hikmet Altınkaynak


Influential notables from the town of Sarıpınar, far from the world and the capital, gather one night at Ömer’s orchard house to have a party entertained by a beautiful Bulgarian dancer, Nadya.  However, after a violent drunken argument, the district official is put to bed with his head bandaged.  Not knowing quite what has happened, he is upset by the talk of a light earthquake having occurred. 

Before the rumour is confirmed or even accepted in the mind of the district official, Istanbul newspapers run reports of a disastrous earthquake in the district and when the government bureaucracy becomes involved the incident reaches grave proportions.  And then when money is sent to alleviate the disaster  and villagers, who until then had received nothing, submit demands, the situation becomes even more complex. Şehnaz Pak, Radikal Gazetesi


A film by master director Atıf Yılmaz bearing the same name as Reşat Nuri Güntekin’s book.  ‘The Mill’ … Şener Şen and Serap Aksoy share the lead roles in the production.

In 1914 in the town of Sarıpınar, the Bulgarian girl Nadya becomes a source for trouble. The dedicated local official, Halil Hilmi, wants to drive her from the village. The official meets her when for the first time he participates in a party at an orchard house.  As Nadya dances the house begins to shake and everyone assumes an earthquake has taken place. When word of the earthquake spreads within the borders of the Ottoman Empire, the situation becomes even more complex. www.trtpashto.com


Sarpınar 1914, adapted from Reşat Nuri Güntekin’s book, tells of a rumour that circulated

of an earthquake striking a remote Ottoman town.  Community notables and even the Sultan’s son see the rumour as a solution to the district’s dire poverty.  After some time, even the initiators of the rumour of an earthquake taking place begin to believe in it. The play was directed by Hakan Altıner. Hürriyet Gazetesi



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