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1st edition: 1938
7th edition: 2007 

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Russian edition published by Mir Knigi Publishers in 2009
About The Author
Reşat Nuri Güntekin is the author of 19 novels and 7 collections of short stories. One of his most famous novels entitled "Goldcrest" (original title: "Çalıkuşu") is about the dynamism and hardship a young girl experiences in a rural town, (both as an educated person and as a woman), and about the role she plays in the development of the mutual understanding of the two classes, namely the uneducated rural and the educated urban. His novels are often based on strong female characters and his works are typical examples of the Turkish enlightenment of the revolutionary and post revolutionary era.
Other Books:

Son Sığınak 1961 (The Last Sanctuary)
Kan Davası 1955 (Blood Fued)
Harabelerin Çiçeği 1953 (The Flower of the Ruins)
Kavak Yelleri 1950 (Daydreams)
Miskinler Tekkesi 1946 (The Den of Idlers)
Değirmen 1944 ( The Mill)
Ateş Gecesi 1942 (The Night of Fire)
Eski Hastalık 1938 (The Old Malady)
Gökyüzü 1935 (The Sky)
Kızılcık Dalları 1932 (Cornelian Branches)
Kızılcık Dalları 1932 ( Cherry Tree Branches)
Yaprak Dökümü 1930 ( The Fallen Leaves)
Acımak 1928 (Compassion)
Yeşil Gece 1928 ( The Green Night)
Akşam Güneşi 1927 ( The Evening Sun)
Bir Kadın Düşmanı 1927 ( An Enemy of Woman)
Dudaktan Kalbe 1925 ( From the Lips to the Heart)
Gizli El 1922 (The Secret Hand)
Çalıkuşu 1922 ( Goldcrest)
Acımak  ( Pity)


Reşat Nuri Güntekin


An Old Sickness                          
Original Title : Eski Hastalık




Züleyha is the daughter of Ali Osman Bey, an officer who has fought on many fronts. Having finished college in Istanbul, staying with her uncle, she goes to live with her father in Silifke. She begins to do social work there, joining a commitee organising the first balls following the establishment of the republic.  The mayor is Yusuf and he fought at the side of her father. Yusuf is from an old aristocratic family and the owner of a farm called Gölyüzü near  Silifke. Having left the the job of being mayor, he retires to his farm and summons the old commander. Yusuf asks Züleyha's father for her hand in marriage and the two are married.  Züleyha doesn't marry voluntarily. She finds Yusuf rough and inadequate.  They eventually decide to seperate. The court decides that they must live one year apart before they can officially divorce.  Züleyha returns to Istanvul to live with her uncle and one day, together with a young man, she is inolved in a car crash. Yusuf learns from the newspapers that his wife is in hospital. Yusuf collects her from the hospital and brings her back to  Silifke.  By the time they reach there, the compulsory period of seperation ordered by the court is completed. Züleyha expects Yusuf to ask her to stay but Yusuf thinks it is more appropriate for the old commander's daughter, once fully recovered, to live anyway she sees fit.  Züleyha leaves Silifke full of sorrow and regrets. İbrahim Zeki Burdurlu, Muzaffer Uyguner, Behçet Necatigil


Selected Reviews:


What can I say about Reşat Nuri Güntekin? I think that because his novels from time to time criticise social life he is of great value   If nothing else, his power derives from being alone and not by being a superior individual. .Orhan Kemal


Reşat Nuri's novels preach more than just "Love and affection", they also parade “goodness” and “co-operation.”. Fethi Naci, Cumhuriyet Kitap


Among those I love most, Reşat Nuri holds a timeless place and when I read him I believe he is not as superficial as one would think.  He touches upon the source of every problem all over this land, never avoiding artistic truths. Often over-emotional, nevertheless his criticisms are accurately aimed and  justified. Muhtar Körükçü


In my opinion, Reşat Nuri was the first of our writers to explore the essence of life in his works.   Sketching the people of this country, althoıgh portraying fictional characters he captures this vitallity.  Eventhough the speech of villagers is full of colloquıalisms, it doesn't disturb or seem artificial.   The secrets of this skill need to be examined.


Reşat Nuri was one of the few moralist Turkish writers. 'An Old Sickness' points out the moral values that are currently at stake.  Without a doubt,in 'An Old Sickness' the general meaning of morality emerges. Selim İleri


Reşat Nuri was the kind of writer who understood that literature was the art of language. His use of simple spoken language meant everyone was able to read him.  While other writers were often incomprehensible to certain readers, Reşat Nuri's work utilised their own language. The use of daily spheech and  idioms that were easy and sincere played an important role in attracting a  wide readership. Muzaffer Uyguner, Reşat Nuri Güntekin, Bilgi Yayınevi



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