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1st edition: 1927
26th edition: 2009

About The Author
Reşat Nuri Güntekin is the author of 19 novels and 7 collections of short stories. One of his most famous novels entitled "Goldcrest" (original title: "Çalıkuşu") is about the dynamism and hardship a young girl experiences in a rural town, (both as an educated person and as a woman), and about the role she plays in the development of the mutual understanding of the two classes, namely the uneducated rural and the educated urban. His novels are often based on strong female characters and his works are typical examples of the Turkish enlightenment of the revolutionary and post revolutionary era.
Other Books:

Son Sığınak 1961 (The Last Sanctuary)
Kan Davası 1955 (Blood Fued)
Harabelerin Çiçeği 1953 (The Flower of the Ruins)
Kavak Yelleri 1950 (Daydreams)
Miskinler Tekkesi 1946 (The Den of Idlers)
Değirmen 1944 ( The Mill)
Ateş Gecesi 1942 (The Night of Fire)
Eski Hastalık 1938 ( An Old Sickness)
Eski Hastalık 1938 (The Old Malady)
Gökyüzü 1935 (The Sky)
Kızılcık Dalları 1932 (Cornelian Branches)
Kızılcık Dalları 1932 ( Cherry Tree Branches)
Yaprak Dökümü 1930 ( The Fallen Leaves)
Acımak 1928 (Compassion)
Yeşil Gece 1928 ( The Green Night)
Bir Kadın Düşmanı 1927 ( An Enemy of Woman)
Dudaktan Kalbe 1925 ( From the Lips to the Heart)
Gizli El 1922 (The Secret Hand)
Çalıkuşu 1922 ( Goldcrest)
Acımak  ( Pity)


Reşat Nuri Güntekin

The Evening Sun                         

Original Title : Akşam Güneşi




General Staff officer Nazmi Bey, after postings to Paris, Damascus, Jerusalem, Accra, Monastery and again to Paris, returns to Istanbul.  He stays in the Çamlica mansion of his uncle. His next posting is to Paris to work as an attaché but his journey is cut short at Edirne when a bridge is blown up. There he gets to know the Lieutenant Colonel head of a committee. He takes part in the war against guerillas and is injured whereupon he is taken to a hospital in Üsküp.  Then he returns again to his uncle's mansion in Çamlica.  Because of a heart condition he is forced to leave the army and having married the youngest daughter of his uncle, Şükran, he retires to a farm on an island.  His uncle's oldest daughter, Naciye, is married to a consul. Naciye's daughter, Jülide, upon the death of her father, goes to live with Nazmi Bey and his wife.  Jülide is a young girl, sensitive, ambitious and full of life. While at first they are shy of each other, over time a deep friendship develops between Nazmi Bey and Jülide that turns into a secret love affair. Realising that the affair is just of an 'evening sun' duration, Nazmi Bey resolves the situation by marrying her off to İhsan, the engineer son of one of the richest men on the island. Jülide is due to join her husband in Baku after he receives a lucrative work proposal and in time forgets all about the short lived affair with her uncle Nazmi Bey.  However Nazmi Bey is unable to come to terms with being separated from her and a short while later has a heart attack and dies. Behçet Necatigil, Dictionary of Literary Works, Varlık Yayınları


Selected Reviews:


There's an unforgettable key sentence in Reşat Nuri's book 'Goldcrest'. "What miracles derive from love and tenderness!”  Nazmi, the hero of 'Evening Sun' says, “The orphans of fishermen taught me the secrets of life; to pity and to love". Fethi Naci, Cumhuriyet Kitap


Goldcrest, marked a new literary movement sparked by the era of the Republic. This new literary movement spotlighted Anatolia, its problems and the direction of the revolution.  It's necessary to point out these developments in the subsequent evolution of Reşat Nuri’s work as a novelist: after 1918 he followed the fashion of writing romantic emotional novels about Istanbul but even in these works he remained concerned about society and the harsh truths about his country.  Goldcrest (1922), Brand(1924), From the Lips to the Heart (1925), Evening Sun (1926).Tahir Alangu, 100 Ünlü Türk Eseri, Milliyet Yayınları


Reşat Nuri’s novels mostly concerned romantic love. Goldcrest, Night of Fire, A Misogynist and Brand all featured romantic love. ,  From the Lips to the Heart  begins with love motivated by material gain but ends up as romantic love. The Secret Hand’ provides an example of realistic love between Seniha and Şeref.  In An Old Sickness the love between Züleyha and Yusuf fails to mature and remains like dried plants in the desert.  In Reşat Nuri’s novels love is portrayed as a psychological evolution. In none of his novels is love depicted as a love at first sight storm. The love between his heroes matures slowly like fruit.


Evening Sun is a love story. It tells of Nazmi Bey's doomed love affair. In an island life atmosphere Nazmi Bey is adored by all. This love is revealed in different ways and spreads by the word of mouth. Muzaffer Uyguner, Reşat Nuri Güntekin, Bilgi yayınevi


Evening Sun , the country ball held in an effort to westernise is unforgettable. Selim İleri



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