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172 pages 11 x 18cm

1st edition: 2004

2nd edition: 2007

About The Author

Muharrem Buhara, born in İstanbul, 1957, was a graduate of İstanbul University’s Faculty of Geography. In his high school years he took an interest in acting which in later years led him to write plays for children. In 1982 he was awarded "TOBAV"s first prize, for his work, namely "Ayı'nın Fendi Avcı'yı Yendi" (The Bear's Wits Beats The Hunter). His eight plays for children have been staged in Turkey and abroad. Later he wrote scripts for various TV series, which mostly dealt with neighbours in small districts of a big city. "Internet Canavarı" (The Internet Monster) was included in the 2002 honours list of the "International Board of Books for Young People" (IBBY). He is presently working in the fields of TV, cinema and children’s literature.

The Internet Monster Series

Mucizelere İnanın- 2008 ( Believe in Miracles)

Neredesin Burcu?- 2007 (Where are you Burcu?)

İnternet Kardeşim Muku – 2004 (My Internet Friend Muku)

Okurlarıma Güvenirim - 1998 (I Trust my Readers)

Other Books:

Books for Children
Internet Canavarı III 2007 ( The Internet Monster III)
Internet Canavarı I 1998 ( The Internet Monster I)


Muharrem Buhara 

The Internet Monster II
Original Title: İnternet Canavarı II

Illustrations by Birol Bayram


Sezai, a middle school student, falls in love with Burcu, the new girl in his class. It is love at first sight. However, he is not the only one who falls for her. He has a strong rival. Burcu and the rival have computers and e-mail addresses. He talks his father into buying a computer. Competition will now continue on-line. However, his whole life changes due to the computer. The first time he goes on-line, an unknown force sucks him into the internet. An adventure begins. One day he is in Disneyland. The next day he is with the US President. Another day he gets into a scrap with the director of “Batman” on a film set. He decides to declare his love to Burcu at Jurassic Park. While travelling over the clouds, he unexpectedly meets his internet brother, Muku, who is just learning to talk. Our hero’s life turns into an incredible adventure between real life and virtual life. Besides this, he has to keep up with ever-changing, unprecedented and unpredictable events. 

 Muharrem Buhara's book, " The Internet Monster " was included in the Honor List of the “International Board On Books For Young People” (IBBY)

Selected Reviews

Although it is a subjective evaluation, I can affirm that, penned by Muharrem Buhara, “The Internet Monster” is one of the most entertaining juvenile books written in Turkish language. Ebru Akkaş - Excerpt from a book review in "Milliyet Kitap", the literary supplement of Milliyet, a major daily of Turkey

Contrary to the connotations of its name, “The Internet Monster” is not a science fiction novel. It is a mischievous and entertaining love story. It is about our hero “Sezai” falling in love with “Burcu”, the new girl in his class. Radikal A major daily of Turkey

The third instalment of “The Internet Monster ”, the highly anticipated and exciting juvenile series of the Turkish İş Bank Cultural Publications, has just come out. The new adventures of “The Internet Monster” will entertain its devoted followers of all ages. Pusula

Here comes another entertaining and funny book for you to read. In this novel, the author uses colloquial and witty language. Neither the plot nor the characterization is artificial. It makes us, the readers feel as if it could happen to any of us. (Indeed, the idea of going through such an adventure does not sound bad at all!) İş’te Genç


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